Inner Beauty

Monday, May 24, 2010

When I was younger, I used to read alot of fairy tales. Most of those books described the Princes as handsome men and the Princesses as beautiful woman. So, I believed that we had to be Beautiful if we wanted to show our inner beauty. I have now come to realize that inner beauty is the most important feature of our human being.

Love is an expression of inner beauty. Inner beauty shows itself in many ways, perhaps by helping an elderly neighbour with their yard work or volunteering your time to the community. Personality is also another way of showing our inner beauty. People are attracted to what you hold inside, the humour, the kindness and the passion you carry within you. A friend of mine commented last week that they "Loved the way how I genuinely cared about people."

We often judge people when we first meet them by the way they look. It has always been said; you cannont judge a book by its cover. So look inside when you first meet people and look for that inner beauty, in the long run it is far more important that outward beauty.


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